The Key Benefits of Reformer Pilates

The Key Benefits of Reformer Pilates - youtube

Reformer Pilates is a type of Pilates that incorporates an exercise machine. And it surprisingly originates from World War I.

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. Growing up, he was interested in bodybuilding, general fitness, and anatomy. And during the war, he ended up working as a nurse for a duration. During this time, he experimented with patients. He attached springs to their beds. These springs enabled patients to strengthen and tone their body while still bedridden. In turn, it helped improve their overall health and condition.

After the war, Joseph moved to America where he opened his first studio. From there, Reformer Pilates grew to what it is today.

The present-day Reformer Pilates machine is much less crude than its original prototype from World War I. It is still spring-loaded, but much more put-together than the earliest version. And the machine isn’t just used for rehabilitation purposes. It’s used in Reformer Pilates in Brisbane and across the globe.

The springs on the machine offer resistance. Essentially, pulling and pushing movements are used to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility throughout the whole body.

But there’s more. Reformer Pilates has an array of benefits. So what are these benefits exactly?

Let’s dive in!

1. It Improves Your Core Strength

Reformer Pilates forces you to use proper form and technique. It engages your core for stability and balance on the machine. And while Mat Pilates offers similar benefits, you get a little more with the Reformer. On the Reformer, you contract these key muscles throughout almost every movement. And the springs add even more resistance. You’ll progress faster and become stronger with the Reformer. Consequently, you’ll also experience better posture, balance, and coordination in your daily life.

2. The Reformer Helps Increase Your Range of Motion

The Reformer forces your body, joints, and muscles to move through their full range of motion – something that you may avoid or limit when working on the mat. The cables won’t let you cheat. And your instructor will help ensure you are doing so safely and effectively.

In turn, you’ll experience decreased stress and strain on your joints and muscles. And thus, you may reduce your chance of injury

3. It Offers Options For All Fitness Levels

The Reformer machines come with a variety of options. You can adjust the settings for the springs, foot bar, straps, and headrest. Additionally, this means you can make it harder or easier for yourself. And if you’re recently coming out of an injury, it may offer options that aren’t available to you on the mat. Or if you find the mat easy, the Reformer provides options to challenge you even further.

4. You Get a Full Body Workout

The arms and upper body are involved in a lot of the moves. In basic Mat Pilates, the arms aren’t engaged nearly as much. As a result, Reformer Pilates is a whole body workout. You’ll notice your entire body become more defined and more balanced.

5. You Get to do it Lying Down!

One of our favourite things about the reformer is that many of the exercises are done lying on a cushiony bed, called the carriage.  Reformer is comfortable for those who have trouble getting up and down off a mat on the ground; and it is also possible to alter exercises so that you do not need to bear weight through the wrists.  And whilst it can be comfortable, don’t worry it’s not “easy”.  You will definitely get a hard-core workout if that is what you’re after.

Try Reformer Pilates Today!

Become a stronger version of you. Break out of your comfort zone. And if you’re thinking about trying Pilates in Brisbane City, contact us at Reform Studios. Sign up for your FREE introductory class today.

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