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Reform Studios offers several options to accommodate your needs.

Introductory Offers

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Introductory Offers

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Introductory Class


  • Try a group reformer
    intro class

6 Fitness Classes


  • Best value
    New clients only

Clinical Appointment


  • Private EP appointment

Class Packs - Group Reformer

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No commitment required. Expiry for 5, 10  and 20 classes are 2, 4 and 8 month respectively.

10 Reformer Classes

$260 $180

  • $18 / class (4 WEEK EXPIRY)

5 Reformer Classes


  • $27 / class

10 Reformer Classes


  • $26 / class

20 Reformer Classes


  • $23 / class

Clinical Classes

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Facilitated by our Exercise Physiologist. $40 - buy casual access to our 9am Friday small group clinical class. *HICAPS claimable - check with your insurance provider whether Exercise Physiology is included in your plan.

Single Clinical Class


  • HICAPS claimable*

6 Month Fitness Class Plans

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NEW CLIENT DEAL! With a bunch of free classes thrown in, you won't find a better price for 6 months class access!

Pay-As-You-Go. Direct debited on a weekly basis. No transaction fees!

1 class a week

$24 / w

  • $24 / class
    With Free Classes = $21.50 / class!

2 classes a week

$46 / w

  • $23 / class
    With Free Classes = $20.50 / class!

3 classes a week

$59 / w

  • $19.5 / class
    With Free Classes = $17.50 / class!
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About Pricing

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Not sure where to start? The best way to dive into reformer Pilates with Reform Studios is with a 6 class Introductory Pack. Why? Because it’s great value! Your 6 classes can be used for 6 of our fitness classes (anywhere across the 7 days of classes on our schedule), including our reformer orientation class, if you’re a beginner. 

You will have 4 weeks to use your classes, and we’re happy to extend this if you know you’re going to be away or fall ill. So there’s no excuses, simply jump onto our pricing page and purchase your Introductory Pack today – and start booking your classes in!

If you like to book your classes around your busy schedule, then class packs are for you! We know life gets busy, so if you’re worried about a membership where you’re classes are delivered to you weekly, dive into a pack of reformer classes. We have class packs with 5 passes, all the way through to 25! Each has an associated expiry period to encourage you to book them in, but we’re confident you’ll think these are pretty generous.  


By far the most popular option is one of our memberships. These work on a pay-as-you-go basis, where each week your Direct Debit of Credit Card is processed, and automatically your one, two or three classes are popped into your booking profile. We also provide you with a complimentary class to kick-off your new membership so that you can always stay a week ahead with your bookings. 

You will have three weeks from the day your classes are delivered to you to use them. So, you have plenty of time to do your ‘make-up’ classes in the next three weeks to ensure you don’t lose them. Also, if you fall ill and are unable to exercise, or are away on holidays, just let us know and we’ll pop you on hold. 

The beauty of this form of class access is that it keeps you accountable! Which is why they’re so popular. These pay-as-you-go memberships encourage you to build your routine and feel all the benefits, right from the get-go! 


For anyone who believes they may need a more gentle approach to starting Pilates, especially if you’re suffering from an injury or chronic pain, our clinical services are just what you need. Designed to get you back on your feet, our Exercise Physiologists will assess your mobility and fitness level, and tailor an exercise plan to suit your needs.

The beauty of a clinical assessment is that you receive an amazing insight into exactly how your body moves, including all those areas you need to focus on. Your exercise plan will then take into consideration all your requirements. But we don’t just leave you there, our Exercise Physiologist will take you through all your new exercises to ensure everything makes sense. You can then feel more confident that your exercise plan is working for you, and you know exactly what to do. Take you plan home and workout, or join in on our clinical classes, where our Exercise Physiologist facilitates a maximum of 6 in a class. If you don’t need clinical class attention, you can simply apply your new knowledge to your reformer fitness classes.




When you’re ready, and you’re confident that you are able to conduct all the exercises in your Plan, you’re able to book into our Clinical Classes. These run for a full hour and are limited to just 6 participants. Our Exercise Physiologist will be there to guide you through your Plan and help modify your form as needed. With this level of care and attention, you’ll see improvements in no time!



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