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Reform Studios is a warm and welcoming environment for people of all ages and fitness levels to come and feel part of our community. The Studio has two main spaces, one side is our group reformer room, where you follow our guided video system and are coached by our instructor through a 45 minute whole body workout.  You don’t have to worry about remembering moves or being coordinated, and we can work with your injuries and niggles.  We provide adjustments and extensions so that every day feels like a totally new workout.  This space focuses on strength and fitness, with each class engaging a multitude of muscles.

Our second space is our clinical reformer room. Private clinical assessments are conducted in this space by our Exercise Physiologists, and are a requirement prior to private or small group participation. Private Pilates sessions and small group classes are led by our Exercise Physiologist in this space, and are great for those who require a more gentle approach to their exercise, whether they are looking to overcome injury or chronic pain. Our pregnancy and postpartum classes are also conducted in our clinical reformer room. Both the appointments and classes are claimable Private Health Insurance (depending on your level of cover).

Reformer Pilates is an exercise modality done on a reformer machine that, like its matwork counterpart, involves the principles of centring, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow. The reformer machine was designed by Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, in the 1920s and involves a system of springs, ropes, pulleys and a moving carriage. During your class, an instructor guides you through a range of slow moving (but not boring!) exercises designed to target muscle groups through a large range of motion.

You may find yourself lying down, standing, kneeling, lying on your side, and pulling straps and pushing against springs. The reformer machine is hugely versatile, and can adapt to your level of strength, therefore catering for everyone in the class. For this reason, it has many benefits, including; limitless exercise variations, excellent for improving both strength and flexibility whilst being gentle on your joints, excellent for toning and most importantly, it’s fun! Regular reformer Pilates exercises will lead to greater strength, flexibility and balance, which in turn improve posture, movement and mental health.


We know it can be daunting starting something new. One of the biggest barriers to starting with a new exercise regime, especially if you’re not someone who actively throws caution to the wind, is having the confidence that you’re starting in the right place. So where do you start?…great question!

Essentially, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions: 1) Do I have any serious conditions that stop me from doing a significant amount of daily activities? and 2) Would my doctor be concerned about me doing exercise based on my current medical conditions or medications? If the answer to either of these is yes, you’re best to give us a call so we can have a chat about whether clinical classes may be a suitable option for you to start your Pilates journey.

If the answer to these questions is no, then we encourage you to come along to one of our weekly reformer intro classes! Before your class, we will have reviewed your Health Questionnaire information and will be able to discuss any concerns you may have at your intro. You will have a chance to meet your new best friend (the reformer) and experience what all the fuss is about during a 30 minute workout.

We often get asked about who attends a Pilates studio like ours?

“Will I be ok if I’m not young and fit?”

“Is it ok if I’m not skinny?”

“Will I be able to keep up?”

The answer to all of these is a big YES! Most of our clients are over 40 and have never really been into fitness. We built this studio as a happy place to move your body to a level you’re comfortable with, to have fun and to feel welcome. That’s it! You don’t need to prove anything to anyone at Reform Studios, here, everyone is welcome.

For Fitness classes, the best place to start is with our Reformer Orientation page. Here, we run through all you need to know about the orientation process, as well as how to book yourself in.

You have two options here to get started: 1) for those not 100% convinced reformer Pilates is for them, you are welcome to purchase yourself a one-off class $25 pass for your reformer intro; or 2) dive straight into our 6 class Introductory Pack for $90. With either option you can then proceed to booking your reformer intro online (typically run on a Saturday morning), but available at other times by request.

For anyone who has recent prior experience with the reformer, and no significant injuries, you are welcome to skip the reformer intro. However, we encourage everyone that is new to the studio to do the intro to familiarise yourself with our studio and the equipment. For anyone who has purchased a class pass or pack and is keen to dive straight into classes, please let us know so that we can override the intro prerequisite in our booking system.

At Reform Studios we love the relaxed atmosphere and strong community vibe we have created. So please don’t feel compelled to rush out and buy yourself the latest exercise fashion, just wear what you’re comfortable in. If that includes your favourite, and well worn, ‘best mum in the world’ T-shirt, then we want you to rock that with pride!

In your Pilates class, socks are a must. They not only help with general hygiene, they provide grip whilst on the reformer. We encourage you to buy yourself a pair (or two) of Pilates grip socks in your favourite colour.

Towels are not essential, however you may want to bring along a small towel to place over your head cushion to add a barrier for additional infection control. Rest assured though, you will be wiping down your reformer after your class, including all surfaces you’ve been in contact with. We also ask you to disinfect your hands both on entry to the studio and on exit – which is why we have set up automatic hand sanitiser stations for you.

One of the most frequently asked questions, and one one of the most important, is “how many classes a week should I attend?” There’s a couple of things to consider here, like how much other exercise are you doing, how much time do you have for classes, and how quickly you are looking for progress?

We often suggest that one class a week will help you maintain your current level of muscle strength, and allow you to slowly improve your range or motion and flexibility. It also provides you with plenty or recovery time if it’s been a while since you did any strength based training. Two classes a week is the most popular, and will help you achieve an increase in both muscle tone and strength. As a result, you will see changes in your body shape and posture, and help overcome any niggly chronic pain that has crept in due to lack of movement. Three times a week will see you gain strength quickly, a more rapid change in body shape and a significant improvement in your joint condition and flexibility. This is a big commitment, and you’ll see some amazing results!

We have an amazing team of Pilates instructors (well, I guess we would say that), but it’s true! They are the lifeblood of the Reform Studios business, and they are 100% committed to everyone in our community of clients. You will see from the first moment you enter the studio doors that you have entered into what our clients often refer to as their “happy place”. We treat everyone as an individual, including keeping personalised notes on all class attendances. This way, our instructors can review your fitness and injury status before each class.

You’re not simply a number to us, as a boutique studio we’ve made sure the experience is about you, not us.  Plus, they are all a little different from one another, which is how we like it. It may take a few classes to find the instructors that suit your style the best, so we encourage you to give them all a try!

We love how the surrounding community supports us as a local small business, and we truly feel blessed to call Mitchelton home. As this is our only studio, we pour out heart into everything we do, including ensuring you reach your fitness and wellness goals.

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