Welcome to Reform!

First things first, we want to congratulate you on saying 'YES' to your first class with us!
You deserve to make your health and self-care a priority and by joining us that tells us that we’re on the same page.

At Reform Studios our job is to go the extra mile to guide you to a brighter future, one of strength of both mind and body.

Please take a moment and complete our Health Questionnaire by clicking on the link below:

What To Expect

Many of our clients have never stepped foot inside a boutique Pilates studio before coming to us, so if you’re thinking “what am I getting into?” you’re in good company!

Focus on hygiene and safety

A genuinely one-off boutique Studio (it's the only one we have so we pour 100% into it!)

Air-conditioned studio rooms (no need to leave dripping in sweat)

Bathroom and shower on-site (great if you need to zoom off to work after your class)

Fully instructed classes (no guess-work)

Monitors with clear videos of each exercise to complement your instruction

Friendly and supportive atmosphere (all welcome, no matter your age or fitness level)

Equipment suitable for guys, especially if you're tall


Please fill out your online Health Questionnaire so that we can review the information well in advance

Please arrive for your first class 10 minutes early - this is your time to stretch and get settled

Wear comfortable clothing eg. leggings and a t-shirt, for example. Men, please wear tight-fitting shorts or bike shorts underneath

Bring socks (Pilates socks are available for purchase)

Water bottle


We are located on Level 1, 40 Blackwood St Mitchelton which is above Miss Kays.
There is parking at the rear via Grovely Tce or parking on the surrounding streets.


If you've purchased Intro Pack classes already, and are looking to book in, head to our 'Booking Online' page for guidance. 


Our orientation class is kept small so that we can give the utmost in attention. If you unable to make your appointment please let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule you and allocate the spot to someone on our waitlist.

Simply send us a text message to our Studio mobile: 0403 680 374

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