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We're committed to ensuring you're not starting your journey with us on the wrong foot, literally, so we invite you to pop in for our 45 minute orientation class including a 30 minute workout to get you started (max class size of 8).

This is perfect for complete beginners and those who would like a refresher to get them back on track before starting out with us at Reform Studios. Here, we will discuss any relevant health concerns and cover some reformer safety and Pilates principles.

Book yourself in and start your body & mind transformation today!

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STEP 1. Understanding the Orientation Class

We strongly encourage all our new Studio visitors to start their journey with us with our group reformer 'Orientation Class'. These classes are designed for those who are completely new to the reformer machine, but also anyone who is new to our Studio. Even if you have done some classes elsewhere, all machines are slightly different, and Studio styles vary.

Also, the Orientation Class allows us to review your Health Assessment data, speak to you about any injuries and your fitness level, then take you through a (relatively) gentle 30 minute workout.

If you are not able to make one of these classes due to other commitments, we suggest you reach out and we can suggest an alternative. You are welcome to complete our Contact Form on the Homepage or simply give one of our Instructors a call on 0403 680 374.

For those with intermediate level reformer experience, and who are raring to go without the need for an orientation, you can purchase the 6 class Introductory Pack and complete the Health Assessment you will receive as part of your Welcome Email. Here you can indicate your experience level, and we will then allow you to start booking into classes straight away.

If you feel you would like to start your Pilates journey with a more one-on-one approach, or are concerned your physical injuries or limitations may not suit the group class environment, you may require a private session. 

You may also be somewhat apprehensive about starting something new, we totally get it, it's daunting starting anything new. So a private reformer Pilates session with one of our instructors is a great way to kick-off your new journey with us. These can be scheduled during the day or evening, we'll work in with what suits you. 

Simply give the Studio a call or complete the 'Contact Form' below, and we'll be in touch!

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STEP 2. Purchasing Your First Class(s)

For those requiring an orientation class, you have two options to purchase access to this one-off introduction to our Studio.

  1. A single Class Pass ($25), perfect for those who are unsure of whether reformer Pilates will suit them, or
  2. A Six-Class Introductory Pack ($90) with a 4 week expiry (can be extended to 6 weeks)

These can be purchased via the MINDBODY website and App, or directly via the links below.

Anyone who purchases the $25 single class pass and chooses then to proceed to the Introductory Pack, we will happily discount this to $80 after your Orientation Class.

For those wanting to get started without an orientation class, you can purchase the Introductory Pack and book into any class on our schedule.

STEP 3. Booking Your First Class

ORIENTATION CLASS - For those wanting to start out with our reformer orientation class, you can book this class via our online schedule once you've purchased one of the two options above.

You can refer to our Orientation Class page, link provided below.

REGULAR CLASS - For those who don't require the orientation, you are able to book into any class on our schedule, including the beginners class on Saturday (slower paced) via the MINDBODY site or App.

You can refer to our Class Booking page, link provided below.

NOTE: The orientation is a prerequisite to booking regular classes, so we will need to check this off manually. You can either contact us directly however we will complete this for anyone who indicates they have 'Intermediate' level experience in their Health Assessment.

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STEP 4. Be Aware of COVID Safety

We are proud of our safety record, and this extends to making sure we've done everything we can to ensure we reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission at our Studio.

Please ensure you are adhering to the following measures:

☞ Always bring socks (preferably grip socks)

☞ Do not attend the Studio if you are showing any cold/flu symptoms

☞ Always sanitise your hands on entry (touch-less hand sanitiser provided)

☞ Wipe down your reformer well with disinfectant (provided)

☞ Always sanitise your hands on exit (touch-less hand sanitiser provided)


STEP 5: Join Us on the Socials!

We have a great Member's Page where all those attending the Studio are welcome to join and contribute. This is truly a community page, where we also provide you with announcements regarding class changes, upcoming events, sales and much more!

Click the Image adjacent or search:

'Reform Studios - Members Group' within Facebook.

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