Reform Studios & Covid 19

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How Can We help?

We are working around the clock to manage your class schedule, including juggling instructors and their availability. 

More importantly, we are doing our best to reduce the risk of any virus infection at the Studio with a heightened cleaning regime, including:

- Provision of hand sanitiser (4 stations)
- Frequent deep sanitisation of equipment (twice daily)
- Sanitising of hand-straps between classes
- Provision extra barrier cloth for your head-cushions
- Frequent sanitising of bathroom and all door handles
- Full clean of all head-cushions and head-rests after each shift
- Frequent steam clean of the floors
- Asking clients who've returned from o/s travel to hold-off for 14 days (incl. staff)*
*If you are concerned that you have come into contact with someone who is waiting on test results, maybe someone you have been in contact with that has recently returned from overseas, we ask you to also not visit the Studio for 2 weeks. We appreciate your understanding here. 

We sure do! We are lucky that we have the space to stagger the machines and have the room between you that we already do. With the total floor space we have for reformers, we actually have more than what has been suggested as adequate.

Currently we have a 10 hour cut-off for you to cancel your class if you are unable to attend. Cancellations inside 10 hours before your class are currently deemed as "late cancellations" and your class credit is lost. Due to the current uncertainty, we understand that last minute work changes along with juggling kids and life in general, you may be more likely to cancel inside this 10 hour window.

For this reason, we have modified the automatic "late cancel" setting in the MindBody system so that this cut-off is now only 3 hours. Therefore, class cancellations outside this will be deemed "early cancellations" and class credits will automatically returned to you. Returning class credits where unavoidable cancellations have been, made may be granted on a case-by-case basis, just let us what your circumstances are. This is particularly the case if you start to feel unwell inside the 3 hours window.

We understand some of you live with vulnerable family members, work in facilities with vulnerable patients, or may yourself be in a higher risk bracket.  So we respect your decision at this time to reduce your risk of infection and temporarily cease attending group classes in the studio.

This is also the preferred option for anyone who believes that they may have come into contact with someone who has contracted Covid 19, and wishes to reduce contact with others. 

In order to provide you with some social contact during your isolation, we will offer the following:

  1. Ongoing support on Facebook via the Reform Studios - Member's Group. Here, we will upload some great information about home hygiene, nutrition and it's impact on your immune system, some stretching videos and much more;
  2. A new online service offering - home workouts delivered by Reform Instructors that you can watch via Facebook or our website. We'll be sending some details of how to access these workout very soon; and
  3. Access to the Studio during non-class times for video-led virtual workouts. These sessions will be run with limited numbers of attendees so that you will have no more than 4 people around you during your workout. Combined with the current heightened hygiene practices, we feel these are a great alternative for you to keep up your exercise. 

Under these circumstances, we would expect you continue your current membership, including your recurring payments, however we will add additional time to the end of your expiry to account for your isolation time (in line with our standard extension policy - however everyone will automatically receive a minimum of 2 weeks extension). For most people this will only need to be 2 weeks. 

If you are looking to implement long-term self-isolation practices, we suggest you read through some of our other options on this page.  

Of course! If you're at home and want to organise with one of our instructors a tailored workout over the web, we can certainly make that happen. You may also want to pop in and have a private class with us, if we're open than this is certainly an option that we will facilitate. 

In the event there is a mandated shut-down, we may still be able to operate depending on the particular restrictions imposed.

For example, if gatherings of 10 or less are still allowed, we will stay open and restrict class sizes and continue to run as many classes as we can to accommodate you. In this instance, we hope you will continue to support us by coming to your classes, even if they are at slightly less convenient times to your usual schedule. We will do our best to deliver classes as needed, and will adjust this daily. 

Where all non-essential businesses are required to close for a dedicated period, we will of course respect this directive and shut the Studio.  

At this time, we will offer a variety of options for you including; online workout packages delivered by Reform instructors and extensions on all memberships (equivalent to the length of the shut-down).  Please note that when we extend your membership you are not paying any more over the length your membership, and you will have ample time to use up classes once we re-open.

If we are required to close for a period of time, we will send you these options immediately for you to select which will best suit your need. 

We will also hold live online workshops and most importantly 'Friday afternoon Gin and Toning with Scott'.  P.S. When you’re lock-down every day is a Friday!

Once we are allowed to re-open we will recommence studio workouts immediately.

If you have a current class pack, we will add time onto this pack in line with any mandated business shut-down period that impacts us being able to deliver classes in the Studio. If you chose to self-isolate whilst we are still open, we are happy to extend you for a maximum of 2 weeks, especially if you are sick. 

We will not be issuing refunds for class packs at this time. 

We understand at this time that this may seem like the most viable option for you, especially if you are unsure of when you may be able to return. However, whilst we are still able to continue to deliver our Studio services, our standard cancellation policy terms apply:

Membership cancellations require 30 day’s notice* in writing and can be made by emailing in the following circumstances without penalty:

a) Relocation – upon relocation more than 15km radius from the Studio, upon presentation of proof of new address (driver’s licence or recent utility bill in the name of the Client at the new address).

b) If you die or become physically incapacitated and unable to exercise, you or your estate may cancel this agreement by providing a written request and certifiable proof of death or disability. For permanent disability, your medical doctor must provide certification of the disability and state that you are unable to use the facilities.

Other than in the circumstances above you may cancel your membership for any reason with 30 days written notice. In that case a fee will be charged which is $100 (3 month membership); $200 (6 month membership); or $300 (12 month membership), this is to account for the difference in class rate that you received as part of your membership compared to the casual class rate.

*This may vary depending on the circumstances (e.g. during an extended shut-down), however currently applies whilst we are open for business. 

Of course we are confident that this will not be the case, we are committed to weathering this storm and supporting all of you as best we can, however this may look.

We are committed to making the best decisions we can for the sake of you all, who we know have worked extremely hard on your exercise journeys, but also in your contribution to our community. This is something we will will fight to maintain! 


Workout Videos - Sneak Peak!

We are working hard on creating a varied collection of home workouts for you, delivered by the Reform instructors. These will include some little short (more intense) workouts and others that are a little longer, along with some stretch programs. Something for everyone!


If you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to talk to you about them, anytime. Please feel free to give us a call directly or send through a query form below.

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