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We're committed to ensuring you're not starting your journey with us on the wrong foot, literally, so we invite you to pop in for our 45 minute orientation class including a 30 minute workout to get you started (max class size of 7).

This is perfect for complete beginners and those who would like a refresher to get them back on track before starting out with us at Reform Studios. Here, we will discuss any relevant health concerns and cover some reformer safety and Pilates principles.

Book yourself in and start your body & mind transformation today!

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☞ Step 1: Purchase your Orientation Class 'Pass'

As our orientation includes a a health review and workout, we require you purchase one of the following options:

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☞ Step 2: Book yourself into a reformer orientation by selecting a date that suits you


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Where Are We?

Level 1, 40 Blackwood St
Mitchelton QLD 4053
(above Miss Kays)

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What if I don't need an orientation class?

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Have some prior experience and don't need an orientation? No problem! Simply click through to buy your Reformer Intro Pack ($90) and you can start booking your reformer classes in immediately!