Pilates Exercises for Your Bad Knees

Preventing knee injuries

Why Pilates? The key to not aggravating an already existing condition, especially when it comes to the knees, is to stick to low-impact exercises. Pilates is just that. With a variety of options, Pilates allows you to still be able to perform physical activity and strengthening exercises – without pain or fear of aggravation.  The…

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Some Dieting Insights

Diet and Pilates

It’s a jungle out there! So many articles, books, podcasts and self-professed ‘experts’ on the subject of the best-ever diet. Who’s to know what to believe? So, Jess, our very own Consulting Dietician, has lent a hand to provide some insights on some popular diets you will have heard of. Intermittent Fasting: What is intermittent…

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